Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Elevating with ' Top Music Contest ' and IACA/IACS Music-Sports

F.A.M [ Fan Artist Music Contest ]
NOTE: this is VALID until its fulfilled.
The 1st Male & Female Artists to ADD 25 fans / supporters NOT ARTISTS ( don't get me wrong artists are fans to but we want to have a mixture in the F.A.M.ily.) receives a FREE ENTRY into F.A.Ms' Top 100 ARTIST MUSIC CONTEST # 1 and QUALIFIES for the 3 CASH PRIZES.
F.A.M. Top 100 Music Contest
Your Fans/Supporters MUST comment * Claim Free Entry For XXXX * BELOW THIS POST:) 
ALL THE BEST TO EVERYONE, thanks for your support so far the ones in the contest AND the ones posting their music we starting the movement, much more to come...YAA MANN 
Kuta Y
***** < Enter Music Contest Here.
8 Artists Has QUALIFIED for 3 CASH PRIZES!
92 more Artists to submit their music and $25.00 usd entry fee.
Then VOTING begins for 30 DAYS.
Need More Info? email us at
serious inquires call us at 1-347-608-4671  
Ask for Kuta Y


IACA/IACS Music-Sports
" Had an awesome meeting tonight with all the IACA staff. Executive Vice President, Deidre Weiss, Hampton Roads-IACS Director, 
Sha'Rhonda Hill, NYC-IACS Director, Tracey Chantel, Hampton Roads-IACS Marketing Intern, Trannisha Leiona Lee Smith, New Orleans-IACS Director, James Bell, Chicago-IACS Director, Latasha Buckner, DC-IACS Director, Stephon Duncan...we are all striving one dream, one goal, and one vision to make music history.

I think back when initially came up with the's so humbling to see so many people take my vision & make there own. Daily this league is building. We've been through hell trying to get this league off the ground. But we kept our heads up and didn't give up. The IACA will be innovation....the IACA will be ground-breaking....the IACA will be game changing....the IACA will be life changing! " Juan Thompson
Juan Thompson

Myth-Ra Raised 
spoke to these young 
entrepreneurs together on 999 Bucephalus Media.
2 events promoted at the same time. They said we should come together.. Well here it is. 2 organizations connected. Where do we go from here?
Tune In and see!
Malcolm X said, ' Dr. King wants the same thing I want -- freedom '. Well I believe In this new epoch we still want the same thing. and that is success. If you don't, be a true soldier to the cause and support the ones that have a dream.. Elevation! 999 Bucephalus Media

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