Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Elevating with ' Top Music Contest ' and IACA/IACS Music-Sports

F.A.M [ Fan Artist Music Contest ]
NOTE: this is VALID until its fulfilled.
The 1st Male & Female Artists to ADD 25 fans / supporters NOT ARTISTS ( don't get me wrong artists are fans to but we want to have a mixture in the F.A.M.ily.) receives a FREE ENTRY into F.A.Ms' Top 100 ARTIST MUSIC CONTEST # 1 and QUALIFIES for the 3 CASH PRIZES.
F.A.M. Top 100 Music Contest
Your Fans/Supporters MUST comment * Claim Free Entry For XXXX * BELOW THIS POST:) 
ALL THE BEST TO EVERYONE, thanks for your support so far the ones in the contest AND the ones posting their music we starting the movement, much more to come...YAA MANN 
Kuta Y
***** < Enter Music Contest Here.
8 Artists Has QUALIFIED for 3 CASH PRIZES!
92 more Artists to submit their music and $25.00 usd entry fee.
Then VOTING begins for 30 DAYS.
Need More Info? email us at
serious inquires call us at 1-347-608-4671  
Ask for Kuta Y


IACA/IACS Music-Sports
" Had an awesome meeting tonight with all the IACA staff. Executive Vice President, Deidre Weiss, Hampton Roads-IACS Director, 
Sha'Rhonda Hill, NYC-IACS Director, Tracey Chantel, Hampton Roads-IACS Marketing Intern, Trannisha Leiona Lee Smith, New Orleans-IACS Director, James Bell, Chicago-IACS Director, Latasha Buckner, DC-IACS Director, Stephon Duncan...we are all striving one dream, one goal, and one vision to make music history.

I think back when initially came up with the's so humbling to see so many people take my vision & make there own. Daily this league is building. We've been through hell trying to get this league off the ground. But we kept our heads up and didn't give up. The IACA will be innovation....the IACA will be ground-breaking....the IACA will be game changing....the IACA will be life changing! " Juan Thompson
Juan Thompson

Myth-Ra Raised 
spoke to these young 
entrepreneurs together on 999 Bucephalus Media.
2 events promoted at the same time. They said we should come together.. Well here it is. 2 organizations connected. Where do we go from here?
Tune In and see!
Malcolm X said, ' Dr. King wants the same thing I want -- freedom '. Well I believe In this new epoch we still want the same thing. and that is success. If you don't, be a true soldier to the cause and support the ones that have a dream.. Elevation! 999 Bucephalus Media

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Armoni Records Presents JaLi and His interest is His New Video and Release - " Holdin You "

 Change is constant. Bruce Lee said,  
" Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless - like water. " 

JaLi is a very versatile artist/songwriter that has the potentials to take the industry and even the culture in a most interesting direction. His music production is organic - rich with soul that compliments his talent, rather than saturate it with excessive electronics, that many use to cloak disturbing frequencies..

Please Support by Purchasing the Single Here
 Change can go in many directions, and we are in a time/place where the people are becoming extremely interested in natural abilities. Nature in general - earth: health and wealth are intellectually attractive. 
 But also the people want realism. We don't want to completely change our diet. We don't want to go back in time. We don't want too much freedom, but we want it. It is hard to find the balance. We about tired of the twerking. We want sexy not nasty, too many diseases are going around.  JaLi as well as Armoni Records plays apart in the ' Transitioning of Change ', into the right direction.
J a L i ' s   
New Video Release
" Holdin You "
C h a n g e 
is needed to produce new trends and JaLi is most definitely a trendsetter. A leader, traiblazer 
- A Boss amongst Bosses! 
This brother pushes through limits. He will leave a mark. Big things poppin. 
Hammer time. A new phase is - NOW.

Armoni Records Site
He has legends supporting him - Armoni Records. The UK recognizes talent. They are playing his material as we speak. Jimi Hendrix solo career jump started in the UK. I'm not saying he is Jimi. I don't think he plays the guitar but.. well check the quote below from C Washington Musers.

" Jamie "Jali" Kennell, what can I say except he's the new kid on the block destined to be a moving force in this business music ". Mr Kennell has managed to stay on course and drama free in his quest for his dreams. That's a good feeling and look for most artist who have any measure of talent. We'll be watching. " C Washington Musers

" Holdin You "


" Bringing great sounds to reality "
                                                                  - Armoni Records
June 18, 2014 - Sad to say JaLi and Armoni Records have decided to split ties profesionally but they both will materialize their dreams. Rock on! 
Megas GoBillion

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Elevate with ' Epiphanies of Sound '

Bucephalus Media 
Brings you the Best of the Best..

I n t r o d u c i n g  

Epiphanies of Sound

Detroit Bleu of Epiphanies of Sound
Bing Dictionary
1. sudden realization: a sudden intuitive leap of understanding, especially through and ordinary but striking occurence.
2. Appearance of god: the supposed manifestation of a divine being.

Detroit has a rich history. As we know, the city known for automobiles, and great music is also known for.. pain and suffering. Abandoned Skypscrapers, high crime rates - the city being broke filed bankruptcy. The strange thing is no one cries, aloud. The city still moves to a rhythm. Proud, asking for nothing. Demanding respect. 

James Brown M.D. Epiphanies of Sound
Bing Dictionary
sound [ sownd ]
1. Something audible: something that can be heard.
2. vibration sensed ear: vibration traveling through the air, water, or some other medium especially those within the range of frequencies that can be perceived by the human ear.

" Epiphanies of Sound is a Free Vibe Improvise Collective Made Up of Detroit Bleu, James Brown M.D., and Reggie ABSTRKT, Ambient and Free Jazz Vibrations " 

                                                                                      - Epiphanies of Sound

These brothers will take you on a journey. The pieces are very emotional. Instruments melt into each other then expand like a beating heart. Sounds breathe and breed. You can't listen to just one piece, it's like a movie, you might miss something. Each piece is interconnected.

Listen to music and follow on Soundcloud:
Reggie Abstrkt of Epiphanies of Sound

Ra Sun Ja  

Epiphanies of Sound

Click here 
 to purchase music material on Amazon

Click here 
to purchase readable material on Amazon 


Press Contact 313.355.BLEU(2538)

Booking Agent
Detroit Beu 313.355.Bleu, James Brown M.D.

Invest in Substance

Thursday, August 8, 2013

" Mustock 2013 " - Though the eyes of Sunny Tuff
" Mustock 2013 was my first experience. I left philly tues night and our bus was super late. Anyway I made it to the Union Station [DC] around 5 am wed. My bredren scooped me up and off to the rest. I went over the material and the rest of the week. Shout out to our DJ Lance Reynolds, whom couldn't make it. It's the day of the show, and we were caught in traffic on I-95 but It was cool because our set was pushed back. We didn't have to rush, to get on stage. I decided to take time out and set up my camera, and shoot a few pictures. There was a slight drizzle but it calmed. Everybody was peaceful, enjoying themselves, engaging in different activities. There were vegan trucks, people were selling jewelry, enjoying the serene. [It was peace] Tents were aligned in different sections like a village. The campground was very clean. I met all sorts of people..
Sleepy Wonder
Wes Feton, Head Roc, Asheru were in the place to be but I was feeling something deep down. I was feeling strange. I kept going to the bathroom. I guess it was because of the distilled water.

It was about time for us to do our set. We had an amazing intro. The weather was perfect but most of the people were in their tents do to the extensive partying the night before. Throughout our sets, I can hear cheers and applause. I started feeling comfortable and wanted to give the people a show. I followed Jah-I-Witness Emcee's lead as he controlled the crowd. I really enjoyed the love. Shout out to Head Roc for the support! After I stepped off the stage I had this crazy headache.
I was sweating crazy and felt like I was going to pass out/throw up. I met with the sister Megan Simone and some other supporters. Jah-I-Witness Emcee went to the store to get some food but I couldn't even eat an apple. We went back to Mustock, and I sat slumped in the car dozing off and on. After about for hours or so, I got my appetite back. I went to see a little of Nappy Riddem set as they rocked. I said a few good byes and was out around 1:30 am. It was a great experience. I want to definitely shine the spotlight on the founder Mustafa Akbar for having the vision. Long live Mustock!!!! " - Sunny Tuff




Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ceo and Co founder of ' Young and Ambitious Music ' Recording Artist and Entertainer Zami

Representing Southern California to the fullest, Zami and ' Young and Ambitious Music ' [ Once known as Good Guy Music ] are a force to be reckoned with.

" Wait on Me "


Born and raised in Orange County, reppin California all-day in many ways, Zami paid dues and is still making payments. Opening up for celebrities locally and abroad, he has performed in cities all through California [ of course ], Illinois, Michigan, New York, Florida... He has crossed the nation and has even blessed stages in Toronto, Canada. Now he is a hit in India, which is where his legacy is rooted.
Zami has been on countless blog sites, received hundreds of thousands of [ video ]veiws on internet sites, rocked mics with Kid-Ink, MIMS and the legendary KRS-One.

 Sept 2012 was the birth of ' Young and Ambitious Music ', which is the headquarters.
The recording studio consist of: photographic/videographic capabilities, dressing rooms.. and of course Grade A recording equipment and specialists. 
He has signed 5 artists to the label and his game is on a fast forward. No looking back!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Zulu Quamin Garcia - ' Identity '

Bucephalus Media:
 Bringing You Virginia's Finest.. 
'Quamin Garcia'
" My name is Quamin Garcia. It's Swahili for ' Holy Warrior ', I was born in Portsmouth, Va. 
For the most part, I  was raised in Norfolk, Va. I grew up in Parkplace. A rough environment but it is a historical community. 
I am a member of the Universal Zulu Nation: Solar-Flare Chapter 30 in Hampton Roads, Virginia. I have been writing and freestyling since I was 9 years old. I consider myself a well seasoned lyricist, with a worldly twist. 
Being African American and Puerto Rican, my mother from North Carolina and my father from Harlem, New York. I got the best of both worlds. I got and understand, northern and southern influences, culture. I rep Afro Latino culture. I am the ' BlckRican '. The title represents my genetics and also my theories. 
I emcee to inform, teach and inspire what I was informed, taught and inspired. I want the whole world to rock out with me. I make my sound for everyone, including the ones that hate me. 
It's ok because I feel and know I serve a higher purpose. "

' I Am Hip Hop '
- Quamin Garcia
Music And Videos

Quamin Garcia is definitely one of Virginia's Finest Jewels.. 
Check On Him.