Saturday, August 31, 2013

Armoni Records Presents JaLi and His interest is His New Video and Release - " Holdin You "

 Change is constant. Bruce Lee said,  
" Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless - like water. " 

JaLi is a very versatile artist/songwriter that has the potentials to take the industry and even the culture in a most interesting direction. His music production is organic - rich with soul that compliments his talent, rather than saturate it with excessive electronics, that many use to cloak disturbing frequencies..

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 Change can go in many directions, and we are in a time/place where the people are becoming extremely interested in natural abilities. Nature in general - earth: health and wealth are intellectually attractive. 
 But also the people want realism. We don't want to completely change our diet. We don't want to go back in time. We don't want too much freedom, but we want it. It is hard to find the balance. We about tired of the twerking. We want sexy not nasty, too many diseases are going around.  JaLi as well as Armoni Records plays apart in the ' Transitioning of Change ', into the right direction.
J a L i ' s   
New Video Release
" Holdin You "
C h a n g e 
is needed to produce new trends and JaLi is most definitely a trendsetter. A leader, traiblazer 
- A Boss amongst Bosses! 
This brother pushes through limits. He will leave a mark. Big things poppin. 
Hammer time. A new phase is - NOW.

Armoni Records Site
He has legends supporting him - Armoni Records. The UK recognizes talent. They are playing his material as we speak. Jimi Hendrix solo career jump started in the UK. I'm not saying he is Jimi. I don't think he plays the guitar but.. well check the quote below from C Washington Musers.

" Jamie "Jali" Kennell, what can I say except he's the new kid on the block destined to be a moving force in this business music ". Mr Kennell has managed to stay on course and drama free in his quest for his dreams. That's a good feeling and look for most artist who have any measure of talent. We'll be watching. " C Washington Musers

" Holdin You "


" Bringing great sounds to reality "
                                                                  - Armoni Records
June 18, 2014 - Sad to say JaLi and Armoni Records have decided to split ties profesionally but they both will materialize their dreams. Rock on! 
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