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Elevate with ' Epiphanies of Sound '

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I n t r o d u c i n g  

Epiphanies of Sound

Detroit Bleu of Epiphanies of Sound
Bing Dictionary
1. sudden realization: a sudden intuitive leap of understanding, especially through and ordinary but striking occurence.
2. Appearance of god: the supposed manifestation of a divine being.

Detroit has a rich history. As we know, the city known for automobiles, and great music is also known for.. pain and suffering. Abandoned Skypscrapers, high crime rates - the city being broke filed bankruptcy. The strange thing is no one cries, aloud. The city still moves to a rhythm. Proud, asking for nothing. Demanding respect. 

James Brown M.D. Epiphanies of Sound
Bing Dictionary
sound [ sownd ]
1. Something audible: something that can be heard.
2. vibration sensed ear: vibration traveling through the air, water, or some other medium especially those within the range of frequencies that can be perceived by the human ear.

" Epiphanies of Sound is a Free Vibe Improvise Collective Made Up of Detroit Bleu, James Brown M.D., and Reggie ABSTRKT, Ambient and Free Jazz Vibrations " 

                                                                                      - Epiphanies of Sound

These brothers will take you on a journey. The pieces are very emotional. Instruments melt into each other then expand like a beating heart. Sounds breathe and breed. You can't listen to just one piece, it's like a movie, you might miss something. Each piece is interconnected.

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Reggie Abstrkt of Epiphanies of Sound

Ra Sun Ja  

Epiphanies of Sound

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