Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ceo and Co founder of ' Young and Ambitious Music ' Recording Artist and Entertainer Zami

Representing Southern California to the fullest, Zami and ' Young and Ambitious Music ' [ Once known as Good Guy Music ] are a force to be reckoned with.

" Wait on Me "


Born and raised in Orange County, reppin California all-day in many ways, Zami paid dues and is still making payments. Opening up for celebrities locally and abroad, he has performed in cities all through California [ of course ], Illinois, Michigan, New York, Florida... He has crossed the nation and has even blessed stages in Toronto, Canada. Now he is a hit in India, which is where his legacy is rooted.
Zami has been on countless blog sites, received hundreds of thousands of [ video ]veiws on internet sites, rocked mics with Kid-Ink, MIMS and the legendary KRS-One.

 Sept 2012 was the birth of ' Young and Ambitious Music ', which is the headquarters.
The recording studio consist of: photographic/videographic capabilities, dressing rooms.. and of course Grade A recording equipment and specialists. 
He has signed 5 artists to the label and his game is on a fast forward. No looking back!

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